Buy-Sell Agreement Funding Options

Since there is a predetermined source of funding, it is likely that the buy-sell will be executed at the fully agreed price. Because life insurance covers the purchase, the costs of transferring ownership are minimal. “If you don`t have a sales contract, you can share the reins with your spouse, children or someone else who doesn`t know much about your business and isn`t as invested as you are in its success,” says John Muth, Director of Advanced Planning at Northwestern Mutual. “But this scenario often plays out, either because trading partners never created or financed an agreement in the first place, or because the agreement they have is obsolete.” On the other hand, permanent life insurance offers protection for life. In addition to the death benefit it offers, sustainable living also accumulates a guaranteed current value. This money can be used to finance all or part of a buyout contract if you or one of your partners leaves for a reason other than death. A well-developed and well-funded buy-sell contract can ensure that your business and family would be protected if something happened to one of your partners. If you think a buyout agreement could benefit you and your business, contact your financial expert to learn more about how you are progressing and to work with your lawyer to design the sales contract. If a key shareholder dies, banks could refuse the loans, which is not a problem with an insurance-financed sales contract. If Jane dies, Theresa, a beneficiary of life insurance, will receive $1,400,000 tax-free. The sales contract requires them to buy Jane`s shares. Tax consequences for Jane (last tax return) She is said to have sold the company for US$1,400,000 and will have a profit of $1,397,000.

If she has not yet taken advantage of her lifetime income exemption, she will be able to use it now. $883,384 of earnings are released based on the 2020 limits. The deduction leaves them with a capital gain of $513,616. Since only 50% of capital gains are taxable, she would only have to pay taxes on $256,808. With Alberta`s top tax rate of 48% for 2020, it is expected to pay $123,267.84. This payable share represents 8.80% of the $1,4000,000 in revenue. Tax consequences for TheresaAt the closing date, Theresa will own 100% of the business. It will have an adjusted cost base of $1,403,000.

With the US$1400,000 paid to Theresa`s Estate and the initial $3,000 it used to finance the business when it decided to sell the business, it only had to pay income taxes if it exceeded its adjusted cost base.