Assignment Of Purchase And Sale Agreement Form

Although Pascal and Chantal do not have a history of buying and selling real estate, it would not be feasible for their family of five to occupy the condo as a place of residence. In the absence of evidence to support a contrary intention, the primary purpose of acquiring the shareholding in the condominium is considered to be for the purpose of the sale of the condominium or an interest in it in the context of a business, adventure or commercial concern. As a result, they are the owners of the new condo for GST/HST purposes. As the sale of their shares in the unit is not exempt, GST/HST applies to the sale of their shares. This fact sheet does not replace the Excise Act (the Act) and its regulations. It is provided as a reference. Since it may not fully respond to your respective operations, you can contact the relevant law or regulations or contact a CRA GST/HST decision office for more information. Security should be requested for certain GST/HST issues. Pamphlets RC4405, GST/HST Rulings – Experts in GST/HST Legislation explains how to get a decision and lists GST/HST decision offices. If you would like to contact GST/HST by phone, call 1-800-959-8287.

This fact sheet explains how the GST/HST applies to the sale and sale of a new home. The purchaser of the assignee, if an individual, may be entitled to a GST/HST rebate for new dwellings and, if applicable, a new provincial housing rebate, if the acquirer of the assignee obtains a transfer of a sale and sale contract for a new home. The purchaser of the recipient of the zession should comply with the terms of use of the rebates, in accordance with the RC4028 guide. Sarah, Francine and Angela are roommates who rent a three-bedroom house. In January 2010, they entered into a contract with a contractor to purchase and sell a one-bedroom condo in a new residential complex to be built. The purchase price under the agreement was $300,000 and the conclusion was July 31, 2013. The term “new house” used in this fact sheet refers to a newly built or essentially renovated house or condo.